The Best Whipped Body Butter for Your Pores by Cocoage Cosmetics

Best Whipped Body Butter

Sets the Gold Standards

Setting the gold standard for body moisturizers, Cocoàge Cosmetics adds a dose of pure 24K gold to the luxurious formula. Acting as a gentle, silky cream on the body, this is the best whipped body butter for your skin as it nourishes your skin and replenishes lost moisture.

Locks In Natural Oils

Because this is a body butter, and not a lotion–it means that the moisturizing effect is long lasting. Whereas a lotion helps nourish the skin temporarily, the butters are slightly thicker and have the right properties to lock in your natural oils and prevent the skin from drying.

That’s because lotions use water to help restore moisture. The body butters include more nourishing ingredients like Almond Butter and Shea Butter, which act as humectants for the skin.

The Best Whipped Body Butter for Your Pores

Made of a powerful blend of Sunflower Oil, Almond Butter, Shea Butter, and Seaweed Extract, Cocoàge’s 24K Gold Sweet Whipped Body Butter  instantly drenches even the most parched heels and elbows. Added to the mix is Cocoàge’s signature Cocoa Seed Extract. That will help improve the appearance of skin, while allowing for better penetration of all active ingredients.

Great for Winter

Since this is an especially dry time of the year, this is an optimal time to bust out your favorite body butter. While it’s useful enough to use year-round for those prone to dry skin, it also makes a great holiday gift since these months are usually colder and drier than others.

Body butters are also really helpful for those with active lifestyles, or people who work out a lot — that’s because the amount of sweat lost can leave the skin dehydrated.

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With a whiff of cocoa and a sprinkle of gold, your skin will love all that Cocoàge has to offer. To purchase your body butter today, visit Cocoàge here.

Sweet Cosmetics

Sweet Cosmetics was created by Cocoàge Cosmetics, redefining luxury skincare with an exquisite line of chocolate-based treatment products created to assist, revive, and rejuvenate tired-looking skin. Visit Cocoàge Cosmetics here and find Cocoàge Cosmetics reviews here.
Sweet Cosmetics
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