Here’s How a Chocolate Body Scrub from Cocoage Cosmetics Will Brighten Your Skin

Here's How a Chocolate Body Scrub Will Brighten Your Skin - Sweet Cosmetics - Cocoage Cosmetics

In recent years, chocolate skincare products – including chocolate body scrub – have become all the rage as both consumers and researchers have tuned into their powerful properties. Due to their high levels of powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols, as well as natural caffeine that promote blood flow, chocolate is a powerful tool for fighting wrinkles, evening out skin tone and improving complexion in a number of cacao-infused cosmetics.

Chocolate has proven so effective at skincare, in fact, that a company known as Cocoàge Cosmetics developed an entire line of chocolate skincare products around the ingredient.

Here’s How a Chocolate Body Scrub Will Brighten Your Skin

Along with the primary anti-aging, hydrating, and youth-promoting benefits of chocolate, another secondary, yet powerful impact that the skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics discovered is that chocolate also is a valuable ingredient as part of a chocolate body scrub.

As it turns out, exfoliating regularly with the product has a noticeable brightening effect on the skin. It’s the reason they incorporated it into their Cocoa Powder 24K Gold Body Scrub.

How exactly does chocolate brighten the skin? Believe it or not, the starch in chocolate may actually play a role. It has unique properties that both lighten the skin and make it soft.

Add that to all the other incredible vitamins, minerals and polyphenols present in chocolate, and it’s easy to see why many view it as a miracle skin treatment.

In their Cocoa Powder 24K Gold Body Scrub, the skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics also went the extra step of blending the chocolate with powerful exfoliators. This leaves the skin buff and smooth in order for the starch and other ingredient in chocolate to work their magic on a fresh surface.

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This further enhances the brightening properties that are already prevalent in many chocolate-based skincare products.

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