5 Ways Chocolate Cosmetics Can Make You More Beautiful

5 Ways Chocolate Cosmetics Can Make You More Beautiful - Sweet Cosmetics - Cocoage Cosmetics

Chocolate is often tied to romance (in the form of a box of chocolates), but overindulgence in chocolate is rarely linked with beauty. However, the latest research on the role of chocolate cosmetics a.k.a. chocolate skincare is changing that notion.

As it turns out, chocolate skincare products are not only effective, but they can even make you more beautiful. We spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics – chocolate skincare experts – to find out exactly how.

5 Ways Chocolate Cosmetics Can Make You More Beautiful

#1 It Makes Skin Radiant

Chocolate is positively brimming with antioxidants in the form of compounds known as polyphenols. These have numerous bodily benefits, but one big one is boosting blood flow. At skin level, this enhanced circulation makes the skin more healthy and glowing.

#2 It Creates Youthful Skin

The polyphenols in chocolate also enhance cell renewal and regeneration. And increased cell turnover means that your skin is “younger,” even if other parts of your body are not. It’s not difficult to figure out how younger skin cells can enhance your overall beauty.

#3 It Fights Blemishes

The cellular repair and renewal properties of chocolate also have a direct link to beauty concern number one of most people as they age — and that’s wrinkles. Younger cells equal less of a chance of fine lines and other blemishes occurring. And that means fewer wrinkles in the long run.

#4 It Combats Dry Skin

Chocolate also is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which make it an excellent moisturizer. Dry skin is a major problem for many, and having an extra weapon in that area will definitely enhance your overall beauty.

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#5 It Helps Around the Eyes

The anti-aging properties of chocolate are also very effective around the eyes. Cocoàge Cosmetics has harnessed this power in their Delight Caffeine 24K Gold Eye Cream.

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