The Best Ingredients used by Cocoage Cosmetics that Make Your Skin Brighter

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Are you in need of skin brighteners? Have you had darker pigmentation pop up after spending time in the sun? We will help you dive deep and explore the best ingredients to look for in skin brighteners.

The best ingredients in skin brighteners:

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm leaves smell reminiscent of lemons, and have a calming effect. It’s also known to promote longevity.


Apart from its heavenly smell, chamomile contains anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe the skin. It’s also hypoallergenic and helps reduce skin irritants. Chamomile is a great ingredient in skin brighteners.


Seaweed is both anti-aging and anti-inflammatory. Additionally, seaweed is extremely hydrating, and contains amino acids.

Seaweed can also soften the look of wrinkles, and helps cushion your skin for more resilience and a softer texture.

Cocoa Seed

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It’s great for dry skin and helps reduce the appearance of scars on the skin.

Cocoa is also known to help protect the skin from UV damage.


Calendula helps soothe skin irritation and calm redness.

Pure 24K Gold

Pure 24K Gold is loaded with active antioxidant ingredients, minerals, and vitamin C. It’s prized for amazing skin benefits. Gold can increase circulation to the skin, while giving a visible glow.

No matter which skin brightener you choose, it’s best to go with one that not only lights you up on the outside, but lights you up on the inside as well.

Because if you’re feeling radiant on the inside, your skin will look that much more radiant.

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Whether you’re just starting out or have had sun spots and hyperpigmentation for a while, the skin brighteners at Cocoàge Cosmetics will wow you.

Apart from their silky smooth texture, and the absolutely beautiful smell of each of the products, they all contain extracts of these essential oils (in varying amounts).

To explore the best skin brightener for you, click here.

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